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The 10 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Solar Power Installer Rutland.


 Hiring the wrong solar technician can be disappointing especially if they end up mishandling the system and you have to pay another technician to install the system again. Below are the biggest mistakes people make when hiring a solar installer and how to avoid them.

 Not Doing Their Homework

A lot of people make the mistake of not doing their homework when hiring a Rutland solar power  installer. Before hiring a company, compare all the installers in your neighborhood and work theirs against your expectations. Also check for their review online, check how they handle dispute cases or customer complaints.


Many people hiring solar installers in Rutland VT do not bother to look at the qualification of the installer. Some technicians are not qualified may end up fixing the solar system incorrectly.


Some Rutland solar panel  installers do not have experience; do not make the mistake of hiring an inexperienced installer because one wrong call can cost you a lot of money.


Every country or state is different but all issue a license permit to allow an installer to work. When hiring an installer one should ask for their license and check if it is up to date. Also, ask for their insurance cover to ensure they are fully covered in case they fall during installation.


Many make the mistake of not hiring a team without knowing their reputation. Most companies do not have their technicians, so they subcontract. Ensure that the sub contacted team has a supervisor from the company you hired to avoid a breach of contract.


Not asking questions about what your warranty covers is another mistake people make. Do not invest your hard-earned money without knowing the exact warranty period. Some companies offer one year or 10 years while others expect you to push your warranty by topping up more money. Make sure you get all clear warrant details to avoid inconveniences in future. Always choose the company with the longest warrant because it means it is reliable.

 Incentive Programs

Do not make the mistake of not inquiring if the company stays current with the incentive programs. The government offers incentives in many states where they pay 30% for the solar system. Serious companies will take this chance and stay current with the programs. Do not hire an installer and just assume they follow the program.


Sometimes when an installer comes to the site, they write down the price of their work. This might lead to future conflicts because the installer might quote a different price upon completion and claim that the initial price was just an estimate of their work. Always enquire if the price is an estimate or a final quote before an installer starts their work.

 Quoted power

Sometimes a solar power installer in Rutland can quote the strength of the power only for you to receive less power. Do not hesitate to ask the installer how they arrived at the quoted power and what will happen if that power production is not guaranteed.

 Sign the contact too soon

The biggest mistake people make is signing the contract before reading it. Many installers will push and pressure customers into sign a contract. Do not sign the contract until you have read and understood all the details. Avoid installers who pressure you into signing their contracts.

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Looking for a Solar Power Installer? Rutland residents say we are #1

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